Edenia is a fictional region of the Pokemon franchise. It's a home of 100 new species of Pokemon.


1000 Years ago, the land of Edenia was at peace. People and Pokemon helped each other under the rules of King Zero and Queen Leia. The land was located under the ocean with protection barrier surround the continent. However, the happy lives of the Edenian didn't last long as an evil organization called Death Buster who came from unknown region invaded the prosperous land. Many innocent people were killed despite King Zero's best effort to defend Edenia. His land and Kingdom were destroyed. Moreover, her wife was killed duing the turmoil. Desperately, he march through the enemy, used a powerful explosion with his magic, freezing himself along the enemies to dead. Before he do so, the King send his only infant daughter to Unova so one day, she can retake the Kingdom where she will be the ruler. 20 years has passed and the daughter, Kitana, is now a 23 years-old lady. She is under the care of Prof Clover who was an old friend of her father. Studying martial arts with Ryu and world history with Prof.Clover, Kitana become a good figure among her people. As she learn about her pass, she march to Edenia and destroyed the enemies to regain what she has to have. She is inherited into a new ruler of Edenia and rules her people with wisdom like her parents did. However, as time pass, the evil organization start to revive and make some minor trouble among the society of Edenia. The grow stronger and stronger each day and Kitana, along with the Gym Leaders an Elite Four constantly deals with it. She feels that she needs more help so she contact several stronger trainer from the other 5 regions for assistance. They are Lucas, Dawn, Barry, Ethan, Lyra, Crystal, Silver, Brendan, May, Wally, Red, Leaf, Green, Hilbert, Hilda, Cheren, and Bel.

Background HistoryEdit

Edenian was located at the bottom of deep sea. There are numerous reason for this. First, the Edenian was envied by the people from the other region due to their longevity and preserved (some of them even eternal) youth. To regain their youthness and immortality, people have to kill them and drink their blood. Many Edenian already fall victim to this. Second, there are a lot of mermaids who live at Edenian sea. Afraid that human will massively catch the mermais, the King decided to bring them to the seafloor along with the region. Death Buster is also the major reason why the Edenian have to fell into the seafloor. There are barriers that surrounded the Edenia region to prevent the enemies to come in. Also, when the Edenia are relocated on the sea, the barriers hold the water from flowing in so the region won't flooded.