Pokemon: Amazing JourneyEdit

Retell the story of Firered and Leafgreen saga. The mascot for this season is a pokeball

Pokemon: Twisted Edit

Retell the story of RBE saga. The theme for this saga are lava,ground,and water.

Pokemon: VoyageEdit

Retell the story of Hoenn BF saga. The theme for this saga is sea and wind.

Pokemon: Dream PowerEdit

Retell the story of DPPt saga. The theme for this saga is crystal and snow.

Pokemon: Soul of HeartEdit

Retell the story of Heartgold and soulsilver saga.The theme for this saga is japanese momiji and the macot are Ho-oh and Lugia along with their emblem. The theme color is autumn yellow.

Pokemon: More Best WishesEdit

Retell the story of BW saga. The theme color for this saga are black and white.

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