Pokemon Journey and Answer are the Manga that created similiar to Pokemon Adventure. The story set on an alternative world of Pokemon special.


The are three twin planets which inhabitant by Pokemon. The first one is the world where Pokemon Special take place, the second is inhabitant only by Pokemon, the other are similiar to the first one with same place, people,but different lifestyle and laso there are several peoples and regions that exclusive to this world.

The Difference is :

  • The name of Pokedex holder counterpart, in the first planet they are named after the games where they appear. While in the third world they are named by their real name like in the games.
  • In the third planet, Emerald is not a pokedex holder. His position replaced by Wally.
  • It is mentioned that the Totodile that Paul's stole were supposedly belong to Marina. In the end, Elm gave her another. Since Paul is not an official Pokedex holder (he gets his stater and pokedex by stealing), his position are replace by Marina who will join the final battle instead of Paul.
  • Both of them have different Pokemons from their counterparts.
  • Usually,the pokedex holder at the third planet named their Pokemon with a name that consist meaning or with diffrent suffix from each other. For example, Ethan's pokemon are named after food and Hilbert's pokemon use suffix-Taro for their names.
  • All the male protagonist journey striking resemble to their games counterpart. Only a few edit done.
  • All the male protagonist's dream are same which to become the champion at their regions. While the female had a different purpose at their Journey. Dawn want to know more about the outside world and help Prof Rowan study their Pokemon to bring honor to her family name, May want to become a great Pokemon Coordinator though she still take a challenge on gyms, Lyra act as Ethan's mentor, study about breeding,;pokemon behaviour; and nursery;and help her Granparents job, Leaf didn't have any special purpose. She just one to enjoy her trip with her Pokemon and his boyfriend (Red), Crystal didn't set a journey instead she stay in Newbark assist Prof. Elm with his job even though she gets a starter Pokemon and Pokedex, Hilda is a singer and also an actress who work for BW agency.
  • All rivals Pokemon are same to their gamesconterpart.